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FBI raids home of person of interest in July 4th mass shooting

The suburban Chicago home of Robert Crimo, the person of interest in the July 4th mass shooting has been raided byFBI agents. 

The security operatives who wore tactical gear and brandished assault rifles poured out of an armored vehicle, carried out the operation around 4:30 PM Monday in Highwood, Illinois, where Robert Crimo lives with his family. 

TMZ reported that this occured two hours before the alleged killer was taken into custody bypolice after a brief car chase.

FBI raids home of person of interest in July 4th mass shooting

Cops identified Crimo as a “person of interest” in the heinous shootings and recovered a high-powered rifle from the scene.

Video from the raid shows two teams of FBI agents with guns poised, walking up to the front and side entrances of the house. One of the agents is heard banging on the front door and yelling, “It’s The FBI. If you’re inside, come out with your hands up.”

The other team was seen walking along the side of the house and pointing their guns at the windows, before entering the home through an unlocked door.

FBI raids home of person of interest in July 4th mass shooting

The federal security operatives stayed there for several hours taking photos, but it’s unclear if they removed evidence from the home or made arrests. Some agents were overheard saying they had viewed “some interesting things.”

Eyewitnesses said during the raid, Crimo’s father drove up, spoke with the FBI and made a call to his son, leaving a voicemail that the feds wanted to talk to him. 

The Fourth Of July parade in Highland Park turned into a shooting gallery after a shooter opened fire at a crowd from the rooftop of a local business. Six people were killed and more than two dozen were taken to hospitals with injuries. The victims ranged in age from 8 to 85.

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