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Babatunde Fashola Minister of Works, Housing and Power,  has disclosed that the Federal government plans to carry out repair works on 50 bridges nationwide within the next three years. Read what he said…

“The work we have come to inspect was awarded some years back when there was an indication of some misalignments here on the Lagos Outer Ring Road which is the beginning of what leads on to the Third Mainland Bridge itself which is just about here. And it is being caused erosion, sand filling and other activities. This road has moved as a result of some sub-soil displacement. Many of the bridges we built in the country over the last four, five decades have not been under any form of maintenance. We now have a three-year plan affecting over 50 bridges across the country for maintenance, repairs and restoration. And it is going to cost about N270 billion over three years. Our plan is to start with about N70 to N100 billion in year one; starting with the very critical ones so that they do not collapse and then we move to the less critical ones.”

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