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We Are Yet To See Our Leader Nnamdi Kanu, He Might Have Been Killed By Nigeria Soldiers During Operation Python Dance II In South East – IPOB Cries Out To The World.

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, on Saturday hinted that its leader, Nnamdi Kanu may have been killed soldiers who invaded his residence in Umuahia, Abia state in September 2017.

IPOB anchored its claim on the fact that there was gunshot evidence all over Kanu’s room the day soldiers invaded his residence and allegedly whisked him away.

In an interview with DAILY POST, IPOB spokesperson, Emma Powerful also hinted that efforts to get the federal government to release its leader dead or alive is gathering momentum and would soon “become more direct.”

Powerful, among others things also accused the leadership of Ohanaeze and South East governors of using IPOB brand for business and for political campaigns.


How can you convince Nigerians that the leadership of IPOB don’t know Kanu’s whereabouts?

Our ongoing efforts to compel the Fulani government of Buhari to produce our leader is gathering momentum and will become more direct very soon. The recent Amnesty International report on the activities of Nigerian Army for the year 2017 made it clear that at least 12 people were shot dead soldiers that invaded the home of our leader in Umuahia on the 14th of September 2017.

This is a verifiable fact. We still don’t know how they came up with the figure 12 when they saw 28 bodies. Even in their legal defence, the army acknowledged going to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s home to look for him. Any right thinking society will not need further convincing that Nigerian Army is culpable in the disappearance of our leader.

Short of picking up arms, anything and everything will be done the global family of IPOB to force the Buhari regime to produce our leader sooner rather than later because they invaded his residence and killed 28 of our people who were there with him on that fateful day of 14 September 2017.

Since that invasion, he has not been seen and evidence of gun shots in his bedroom indicate the army shot at him. Why is it that extensive gunshot damage to his bedroom is not being reported? The live footage of the invasion abound and was widely reported at the time.

It is not the duty of IPOB to convince the public, that responsibility lies with the media to publish the facts of the matter and allow people to draw their own conclusions. It is your duty and that of every responsible media outlet to inform the world, not just those that reside in Nigeria, regarding what truly transpired when Nigerian Army invaded, with lethal force, the home of our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

The most logical question to ask is, why did the army invade his home with lethal force if not to kill him? He was out on bail preparing to go to court on the 17th of October 2017 with no outstanding warrant against him and the next thing we know is Nigerian soldiers storming his home a full month before he was due in court, killed 28 people, arrested countless others, with the whereabouts of our leader unknown.

Under such circumstance, would it not be sensible to think that the army must have killed him? We don’t need to convince anybody that we are unaware of our leader’s whereabouts, all we need to do as we are doing is present the facts of the matter as they are.

Any impartial observer of the treatment of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and parents will reach the inescapable conclusion that Nigerian Army must have killed or abducted him. To suggest otherwise will mean that the army is a law unto themselves which will confirm that Nigeria is a bona fide Banana Republic. After all no court of law in Nigeria gave the army the go ahead to invade his home.

Since Kanu disappeared, IPOB seems not to be as vicious as it were, has government succeeded in its attempt to reduce the group’s influence in the South East?

First of all we must correct this misleading impression that our leader simply disappeared. He is not a ghost and although he is a super naturally gifted individual, going his predictions, we know he is still mortal and could not have grown wings and flown when the army invaded his home and attacked him in his bedroom. Secondly, anybody peddling the myth that IPOB influence has waned is only doing so to impress his or her paymasters in Aso Rock.

The name IPOB has become a lucrative source of income for idle minds and government informants in Ohaneze Ndigbo looking for money and South East governors seeking reelection. Every man, woman and child across South East and South South is IPOB. So rather than diminishing, our influence is growing daily from strength to strength.

We are still rallying all over our towns and villages but we remain conscious of the fact that nobody can command media attention and large following the way our leader does, so it is impossible to replicate the large crowds that turn out to welcome him on his tours. If you are expecting millions to march on the streets on a daily basis when we evangelise then you will be disappointed because we have different approaches and strategies.

In the run up to our referendum this year, the world will witness something totally unexpected and unique. Operation Python Dance II it must be stated was initiated Nnia Nwodo and South East governors to diminish the rising popularity of Nnamdi Kanu. It was borne out of greed, envy and jealousy and nothing more.

The only thing they accomplished is to finally expose themselves for the self-confessed saboteurs they are. Hence our resolve that Ohaneze Ndigbo will never successfully hold any public gathering in Biafraland unless the topic under discussion is self determination.

IPOB’s silence, is it a strategy or FG has succeeded in boxing the group to a corner?

I don’t know where you keep getting this twisted impression from that IPOB is silent. Did Lai Mohammed the Nigeria Information Minister and the Presidency not confirm a few weeks back that IPOB is more dangerous than Boko Haram? How can a group that cost Nigeria millions of dollars in media consultancy and lobbying be described as silent.

There are to ways to generate heat, one is visible fire like firewood, charcoal and gas but the other is microwave. You don’t see microwave radiation, it is silent but more deadly. We protest when it’s time, we apply some other pressures as at when necessary.

Whatever methodology we apply, the outcome is decisively the same always. We have rendered the name Nigeria useless before the civilised world. Biafra is getting closer and closer with the passage of each day. The warped narrative that IPOB has been subdued due to the abduction of our leader is false. Our activities are going on in earnest all over the world and preparations for our referendum is gathering momentum, so we remain unstoppable as ever.

Kanu’s wife threatened that if her husband is not found there will be no election in 2019, what are the plans of IPOB for the 2019 general elections having failed to stop the Anambra election?

Let me correct this impression, we did not say we will stop Anambra elections, we said we will boycott it and we did so successfully. The fact INEC announced a result is to be expected. Nigeria is its very essence corrupt and the powers that be wouldn’t want to make public their humiliation at the hands of IPOB that was why INEC inflated the figures to give the exercise some respectability.

The wife of our leader is right in insisting there will be no elections because we will not vote. They can falsify and publish fake results, that’s up to them but we will paralyse activities in and around Biafraland on election days come 2019.

We challenge INEC to publish true copies of result sheets from polling booths in Anambra governorship election. Less than 1% of eligible voters participated in that poll and we are confident we will achieve maximum compliance with Buhari’s name on the ticket.

In fact we are certain that Middle Belt and Southern Kaduna will join our election boycott due to this regime’s support for Fulani terrorists. If what Fani-Kayode and Yoruba elders are saying carries the day, we expect total boycott of the presidential election too in Yoruba land.

Aso Rock should worry more about other nationalities who have expressed their desire to boycott all elections until the national question of which way Nigeria is resolved via referendum.

Should Igbo man emerge as Nigeria’s president, will that change the quest for Biafra campaigned IPOB?

We have crossed the point of no return. If they like let them give an Igbo grand-mother or Ibibio woman the presidency for 10 consecutive terms, it won’t change anything.

They can pave every road in Biafraland with gold, still nothing and we mean nothing, will ever alter our resolve. Our mind is made up and firmly set in stone. Whatever outcome we are confronted with after the referendum, we have to live with.

The people of Biafra will decide in a referendum not a few compromised and dirty politicians negotiating our future away in the name of restructuring Nigeria. IPOB is not like anything Africa has ever seen before. We are uncompromising in our quest to restore Biafra and that is the only outcome acceptable to us.

Kanu once said he would ride on the wings of civil disobedience to actualise Biafra, however he is nowhere to be found. What’s the IPOB’s latest plans to ensure Biafra is achieved with or without Kanu?

You conveniently forgot to mention that a detachment of Nigerian Army stormed his home and killed him or took him away. When people say he is nowhere to be found, it is either they are gifted with ignorance or their faculties are not entirely intact.

If the United States were to invade Nigeria and in the process storm Aso Rock to take away Jubril or whoever is impersonating Buhari, would you say Jubril is nowhere to be found? Sensible people will say, ask the US because they invaded his residence. This is not complicated philosophy but simple common sense.

People should apply their thinking faculties when evaluating the impact of the full military invasion and massacre of 28 people that took place at the residence of our leader on 14 September 2017. We are a well oiled machine that can function perfectly well with or without our mentor and leader because the blueprint he himself laid down is what we are following.

Mazi Uche Mefor is our deputy leader and with the support of the Directorate of State of the Indigenous People of Biafra (DOS) under the able leadership of Mazi Chika Edoziem, our modus operandi remains intact as laid down our supreme leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Our deputy leader and DOS oversee the day to day operations of our global movement in the absence of our leader. We are following the philosophy of our leader which no doubt is guiding us remorseless towards our singular goal of Biafra restoration in the not too distant future.

How do IPOB tend to run Biafra govt if actualised?

It is up to the people of Biafra to elect who will serve them not IPOB. IPOB will not metamorphose into a political party but there will be laid down rules and principles which will form part of the constitution as Biafra will be run as a transparent constitutional democracy.

Nothing like it would have been witnessed in Africa before. Rights and freedoms of citizens will be weaved into every facet of day to day governance and law enforcement.

For example, there will be no armed police patrolling the streets looking for who to intimidate, extort money at gun point from, molest, rape or kill. Soldiers will never be deployed on the streets of Biafraland to quell civil disobedience only in times of war.

Law makers will be mandated law to hold weekly surgeries at their constituencies. Education will be free and compulsory to university level.

Every human being will be equal before the law regardless of sex, religion and orientation. Every nationality like Ijaw, Efik, Ibibio, Igede, Idoma, Igbo will be autonomous self governing regions with 100% resource control enshrined in the constitution.

Biafra will be a confederation of equal nationalities. No politician or law enforcement officer can order the detention of any person without the permission of the courts.

Children of politicians and officials of state must attend public schools nearest to them. Same applies to hospitals. The culture of allocation will be abolished and government will be decentralized. Police chiefs will be elected not appointed. A culture of independent powerful judiciary capable of ruling against a sitting government will be encouraged.

There will be absolute separation of powers. No hint of totalitarianism will be tolerated. The list is endless but be rest assured it will not be like anything that obtains in black African countries.

Any time frame for Biafra to be actualised with or without Kanu?

We hope to restore not actualize Biafra in the nearest possible with our able leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu leading us to victory. There is no timetable because only the Most High Chukwu Okike Abiama can determine when the appointed hour will be not man. What we know is that we are doing everything humanly possible to restore Biafra in the shortest possible time.

IPOB have continued to insist that Kanu is in custody of the Nigerian government, this they have denied, what efforts is being made to ensure that Kanu’s whereabouts is disclosed?

We are insisting and will continue to insist until the army comes clean about what they did with him. They can deny all they like but the facts speak for itself. Nigerian Army and Buratai in particular must tell the world who sent them to assassinate our leader and what they were doing in his house. Therein lies the clue to exactly what became of him.

Binta Nyako’s court feigned ignorance of this important question but we don’t think that a jury at the appellate court will so easily exonerate them.

Regarding army denial that he is not in their custody, what do you expect them to say. The culture of lying and deception has eaten so deep into the fabric of the society in Nigeria that people are no longer repulsed it. Lying is a way of life in Nigeria so the army will be expected to try lying themselves out of the mess they are in.

The 64 million dollar question remains, what were the army doing in Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s residence and who sent them? Until the army can answer this question, every idle speculation and denial them is nothing more than an exercise in futility.

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