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This year’s Holy Month of Ramadan, a period of abstemiousness and fervent prayers to the Almighty the Muslim Ummah, unfortunately coincides with a time of global trepidation and economic recession, following the outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease.
In a bid to cushion the hardship being face people in his area, a former House of Representatives aspirant in Jalingo Yorro Zing Federal Constituency Dr. Sulieman Bakari SB has demonstrated commitment providing some incentives through his foundation – SB Volunteer Group on COVID-19 which  paid a week long solidarity tour to the less privilege ones in the Constituency, from 11th April, 2020. 
The group was established Dr. Sulaiman Bakari (SB), to support the efforts of the state and federal government in curtailing the spread of COVID-19 in his federal constituency.
During the tour, the team visited several hospitals, orphanages and family homes of the poor and vulnerable members of the society, where it distributed relief materials such as foodstuff, potable water, cash, face masks, hand sanitizers, medical supplies etc., to support them in cushioning the effects of the hardship resulting from the inevitable sit-at-home measure adopted the federal and state governments.
This gesture is in addition to the regular sensitization efforts of the group, to keep the people united and adequately sensitized to combat COVID-19 in the constituency. The political philosophy of the group’s founder, Dr. Sulaiman Bakari (SB), centres on the welfare of his people and also aligns with the axiom that charity begins at home.
Addressing the people during the tour, Dr. Sulaiman Bakari (SB), said the SB Volunteer Group on COVID-19 will sustain the tempo of the charitable works, as it hopes to return as often as God provides the means, to distribute more palliatives to the needy and the vulnerable. 
Following complaints the constituents that the Honourable Member representing the constituency at the House of Reps., Hon. Kasimu Bello Maigari, has neglected the constituency since he assumed office last year, SB humbly appealed to his brother Hon. Maigari to reach out to the people at this critical time of need, rather than reclining in the inner recesses of his Abuja apartment. In specific terms, Dr. Bakari urged Hon. Maigari to kindly reach out to each of the 31 Wards across the 3 local governments in the constituency, with a cash token of at least One Million Naira to each which is just N31million to further distribute among the poor and vulnerable members of the constituency. 
On the alternative, Dr. SB said Hon. Maigari could give out one bag of rice and a cash token of N20,000 to every household in the constituency. These options, Dr. SB opines, are not beyond the capacity of Hon. Maigari to sacrifice for his constituents, as his salaries and allowances during this period of the lockdown, which he doesn’t perform any legislative functions for the constituency or the federal government, will be more than sufficient to foot the cost. Dr. SB further berated the attitude of some politicians, who only come home to distribute measly freebies to the electorates during electioneering campaigns, only to vanish after they have won or lost the elections. According to him,  this is a time for genuine leaders to empathize with their people; a time for all leaders to mount the frontline of the battle from their home-fronts. Furthermore, Dr. SB implored all privileged Taraba State elites across the globe to come to the aid of their kinsmen back at home at this critical time. The battle, he says, cannot be left at the doorsteps of government alone. 
The group’s founder, Dr. SB, also enjoined the Muslim Ummah to use this Holy Month of Ramadan to fervently seek the face of God for a swift end to the coronavirus pandemic, as he further appealed to the good people of Jalingo Yorro Zing Federal constituency and extension the entire citizens of Taraba State, to strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of the Federal and the Taraba State Governments and other relevant authorities, towards curbing the spread of COVID-19. 
Admitting that it would not be easy to observe the sit-at-home order to the latter amid excruciating hunger, reminding the people that it was still the best option they had in the interest of protecting their lives and the lives of those they hold dearly.
He expressed optimism that mankind will soon witness the end of the corona virus disease, like it did many others that preceded it. 

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