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In a time like this when the entire world is under pressure, when even the advanced countries are clueless and restless on what to do, when technology and better medications that were once seen as the best options have little or no importance at all, when the senior and junior medical personnel’s are not so sure on what to use as treatment for covid-19 and with no or little changes assertions from them. When the poor and rich are all scared of about the shift, when to some extent the living envy the dead thinking they’ve been saved from the sufferings of the world, we should go back to our maker(GOD).

Although even with the pandemic, racism is becoming a daily event in foriegn countries where the whites are killing blacks because of skin color difference. We should go back to our maker (GOD).

Let’s picture our abode Nigeria, tribalism is becoming more common amongst us, where a Yoruba cannot marry Igbo and Igbo is not allow to marry the hausa, where someone is been challenged and frustrated because of a governmental position or political appointment given to them, not because of their qualifications but because of tribalism and religion. Hey, we should go back to our maker (GOD).

The flashes of killings, kidnapping, activities of Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen happening in the nooks and crannies of our towns; these keep becoming more rampant. The rich taking advantage of the poor and the so-called government doing nothing about it because its doesn’t affect them, probably they think they have all its takes for them to keep their selves and their families alive so they’ve become silent, paying less attention to the poor masses who elect them every four years into various positions. The best for us is to go back to our maker (GOD).

I have never thought that this season would be enough reason to teach us how to love, unite and live together as one, in peace and harmony. Some men have yet again decided to take advantage of the weakness of a women; the rape and the killing. Women have fallen prey to wickedness that comes from the heart of a man forgetting that when a woman is been showered with love, care and attention, you can get whatsoever you desire from her without any form of violence or force. All we should do is to go back to our maker (GOD).

Much more is happening all over the world and God is the only one to turn to. May God see us through this prevailing evil activities and may God have mercy upon our lives. May His grace be sufficient to us; may we not fall victim of any of these.
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