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“And they were helped
against them, and the Hagarites were delivered into their hand, and all that
were with them: for they cried to God in the battle, and he was entreated of
them; because they put their trust in him.” 1 Chronicles 5:20

Their cry to God when they were confronted their enemies was a sign of

Hear this: The
powerfulness of God is revealed when the helplessness of man is recognized

Question is, what will the help of God do for you?

1. The help of God makes an oppressed man set free. When you are helped of God,
the almighty undertake to fight for you.
2. To be helped of God is to be protected Him. From our text God protected
and delivered the sons of Reuben and the half tribe of Manasseh from four
nations that came against them. What a help!
3. To be helped of God is to be defended Him. The meaning of that is, God by
Himself prohibit, forbids, prevents, repels and ward off attacks coming from
your enemies. When God is your defender He talks in favour of you. And I see
God speaking in your favour in Jesus name.

Question is, how do we activate His help?

1. Trust Him: 1 chronicles 5:20. Because they trusted Him, God helped them
against their enemies.
2. Praise Him: The way of praise is the escape route from evil. 2 chronicles
3. Pray: When Paul and Silas were in prison the help of God was made available
to them through the weapon of prayer.

I pray for you today, may God undertake to fight for you, Ward off every evil
targeted towards your destiny and family, talk in favour of you in Jesus name.
You are blessed… Happy weekend


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