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Shedy Elisha

Usually, I am amazed how rock cutters or breakers (those who break stones) do not relent no
matter how big and hard the stone may be. They use all they have and they do
all they can to break stones.
When I was much younger, for the first time in my
life I met  some  stone cutters  who  came to break a large rock in my
neighborhood. The day they started it, I soliloquised, “are these guys out of their
mind? Do they know what they are about to do?” 

Attempting to break a rock that
occupies a land space that two bed room flat could be built on was unimaginable,
wasn’t  funny nor was a child’s play;
these were my thoughts.

 I actually thought, breaking a huge rock like that was
 impossible. But you know what? After
several days, the rock disappeared. They had successfully broken it and
leveled the ground.

The attitude they portrayed towards their job is so impressive.
Normally, I could never imagine that such a stone could be broken, not just
broken but so much broken into pieces.
 I actually observed carefully the processes involved in breaking that stone in my neighborhood the stone cutters. I observed that …
–      ×   They exerted much pressure on the stone though it
was hard.
–  ×       They persisted and showed consistency.
–     ×    These guys never took a day off, they kept coming
every day.
–   ×      They never gave up no matter how tasking it was.
–      × They believed and hoped that someday, the stone
will be history and truly, with their effort and consistency, the stone is
history today.

If they had given up, they wouldn’t have succeeded.
Here is also a true live story of three young brothers who went
hunting. Where I come from (Sarkin Pawa of Niger state, Gbagyi land in the middle belt of Nigeria),
hunting is another occupation aside farming which is the major occupation. As
these young brothers went for hunting, they saw a hole where rabbit inhabits.
They dug and dug but at the end, they gave up, left the hole and moved upward.
Not too long, another hunter who passed in that same pathway saw the hole
those three brothers left, he said: “If these people had known, they wouldn’t
have left this hole.”
This hunter made just a hit and he caught the rabbit.

Several times I have also given up on myself and my dreams. I have given up
on projects and before now, little things could get me frustrated hence; I give
up. I would start a thing today but for lack of persistence, lack of
consistency, focus and lack of determination, I will give up and let it go.
Infact, I have lost finances, good relationships, favours, open doors and lots
of good things because I refused to HIT hard at my visions, dreams, hustles, my
goals, desires, projects and deals “ONE MORE TIME”. I have fainted a
lot and unfortunately, it’s usually at my door of breakthrough and achievement
I often give up. But after a long time, I got to understand just like the guys
tools in achieving set goals
. I needed to keep pushing daily despite rough
times. I realized if I could KEEP DOING the RIGHT THING ALL THE TIME, I will
sure come out victoriously. I also realized that truly, the journey is not easy
but if I am focused and if I BELIEVE IN MYSELF, NOTHING can stop me. I also had
to increase my Faith and I came to terms with my spirit that consistency,
determination, focus are necessities and are pertinent in achieving life’s goals. Of a truth though it
could be hard sometimes but, ever since I realized all these, giving up has
never been a pathway to take and I have achieved so much because I have
consciously believed in myself. 

I dare you too today to intentionally
believe in the you inside of you” and to often “HIT ONE MORE
in all you do because that could be the HIT you will ever need.

A lot of people are just like the three brothers who went hunting and
gave up when they needed to HIT just one more time. You may be in this category of hunters just as I was. Little things scare you that when you get to the centre of your
journey, you give up and turn backwards. 
Often it’s when you are close to your breakthrough that the journey gets
tough. This attitude of inconsistency and lack of perseverance have eaten up
destinies and made many failures. If only you can persist and persevere then,
you can move mountains.

Conclusively, may I say that in all you do, giving up shouldn’t be a
pathway for you to follow. At the middle of the deep blue sea it may be hard
and tough couple with the fact that the deep blue sea is a home for sharks.
It’s pertinent that you know this: it is at that very moment that you are close
to your breakthrough. Are you on an academic pursuit , marital journey, are you
embarking on a project, seeking financial freedom, seeking wisdom, or even
seeking God? Whatever you are doing, you want to do or desire to achieve you
Trust God
– Believe in yourself. What anyone says about you doesn’t matter, it
is what you say and think about yourself that matters.
– Be consistent and persistent
– Believe what you do and have “an undoubted Faith”
– Exert pressure in all you do (Doing everything with all your strength and with the  whole of your heart.
– Use all you have to do all you can
– Be diligent and never think of turning back

Again I say most importantly, Trust and believe God for he has said
Trust in the Lord with the whole of your heart and lean not on your own
understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your part.”
– (Proverbs 5:3-5).
He has also said in John 14:14 that “if you shall ask
anything in my name, I will do it.”
Remember to HIT one more time as that could be your break through. So,
don’t stop. HIT it again.
– Written Shedy Elisha

Shedy Elisha
A Christian
Studied political science (UniAbuja)
He is Gbagyi from Sarkin pawa of Niger state
Loves swallow and any good soup
He loves music and writing

You can follow him on twitter via: @shedyelisha
FB: Shedy Elisha

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