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President Buhari has said he is not bothered about the defections in the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

He made his feelings known while responding to a question during an interactive session with the Nigerian community in Togo at the Nigerian Embassy, Lome, Togo last night. When asked to react to the gale of defection in the National Assembly as well as a seating governor, President Buhari said
“I am not bothered about the defections. Ordinary Nigerians have developed confidence in us and are defending us. I assure you, majority of Nigerians back home are appreciative of our efforts.” he said
He said that if past governments had utilised even 25 per cent of the huge oil revenue available to them, Nigerians would not be complaining today. He cited the 16 billion dollars reportedly spent on electricity and yet Nigerians could not see the power.
He restated his administration’s commitment to providing critical infrastructure and loans to farmers therecutting rice importation more than 90%.
“I assure you that we are making progress in security as some displaced farmers are returning to their farms. We will continue to work very hard for our dear country,” he said

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