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I’m delighted to share my little observations with you today especially on conversations, social media, friendly meetings and any form of dialogue you know. This article is concise and clear. So, you are permitted to argue with your eyes (smiles).

Recently, I have been trying to develop a reading culture. Each time I fix my eyes on a book for these few days, literature, journal etc., the term “ideology” strikes me into a pensive mood.

Books, writings or letters rule our world today. I have travel to other states through reading as well as other cultures. We read to lead. It marvelled me how far ideologies travel in this dispensation. In today’s world, we are proud to express our ideologies about crucial topics, prevalent issues etc on our social media platforms. Often, we contend with each other’s ideologies and beliefs. In this 21st century, especially the rising giants and able bodied men, only few are willing to accept defeat in conversations why because everyone is trying to contend with one ideology or the other. Ooh! sometimes we market the variety of books we read when trying to prove points. Mentioning authors upon authors to justify our claims all because “I just can’t accept defeat” over what this person said.

Funny enough, some persons are try to impose ideologies on others about health, relationship, marriage, wealth, education etc.(laughs). Now, the sour part of it all is that young minds, feeble minds have hold onto some wrong beliefs about strange teachings at strange meetings.
I almost forgot to remind us of the meaning of ideology ( Long sigh).
Yea, ideology refers to beliefs or principles belonging to an individual or group.
Dead people are ruling our world. Today’s history and present happenings are dated back to the works and achievement of the dead. We read books whose authors are dead and some of us are confident in their ideologies.

Honestly, I feel some of our problems today are simply caused as a result of our ideologies. Let’s run a check on what we feed ourselves with. Let’s be open minded to learn and unlearn.

Justina Barde

Justina Barde
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