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There is a goodnews for you today. We are sure you are wondering what the good news is all about.  Well, It pleases us to announce to someone that there is something you can possibly handle, create and produce with your gifted hands. What could that be? Who can possibly teach me? Elizabeth Ibrahim is here for you. She is also known as “Laweppa“. 

Elizabeth Ibrahim is an optimistic entrepreneur, an achiever who is independent and willing to convert her ideas, knowledge to reinvent her community, society and trying to make it happen in her world. She has indeed proved to us that we can handle and make home products for our very consumption and use. She has decided to bring the knowledge, process and procedures of making home products like shoe polish, insect killer, hair relaxer, perfume cornflakes, juice of all kinds, methylated spirit, relaxer, hair gel, cocoa drinks, soap, skin and body care products etc  at our doorpost converting it into a book titled ” Do it yourself, Handbook on Household products “. 

The book will be launched and unveiled on Sunday 16th February 2020, 10 am at ECWA Goodnews church beside JEFAP school Niger Motel Suleja Niger State.

Laweppa’s vision to reach to us through a book on this guide was innovated with her passion to impact into lives, to be remembered for something, to put a smile on someone’s face, to tell someone that he or she can convert ideas into money etc. She has chosen to put all these in a book simply because we are now operating in a society where books commands what we are becoming and hoping to become.

Let me informed you that Elizabeth Ibrahim did not just wake up with this reality this year. She has been an entrepreneur for the past 10(ten) years. So, all you need to know is that her products have been tried and tested a good number of customers and have affirmed that her products do not have side effect. Her skin care products have the right ingredients mixed in their right proportions. She has been able to achieve this after in-depth research on why skin care products like creams, soap etc from some manufacturer seems to cause reactions on people’s faces while others produce spot print on our skin.

It is everyone’s desire to be healthy and also look healthy, to have a spotless skin (smiles), to hold onto a business that pays, to learn how to make products e.t.c. if you ask it worth, we will tell you the content of the book is priceless. You know as we grow up, opportunities are present to us to learn from people and to borrow knowledge from those ahead of us. Elizabeth Ibrahim is so willing to giveaway this knowledge to us getting a copy of  her book. It’s very affordable and portable. Like earlier stated, we can help to transfer the knowledge to individuals purchasing a copy or more for them as gifts e.g. Mothers, fathers, wives, husband’s, brothers, sisters, friends, colleagues, neighbors, boyfriends or girlfriends etc.

If you can’t transmit what you have learn to someone else then, you haven’t learn yet. You learn to teach others.

I assure you that buying Elizabeth Ibrahim’s (Laweppa) new book will make you hold onto the brand LAWEPPA.

Lets transfer this knowledge to others.

Do not forget Elizabeth Ibrahim’s book “Do it yourself, Handbook on Household products “.  will be launched and unveiled on Sunday 16th February 2020, 10am at ECWA Goodnews church beside JEFAP school Niger Motel Suleja Niger State.

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