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The National Gbagyi Summit is here again and this is the 4th edition. This event is put together Serah Tukura founder of Gbagyi Enlightenment Initiative. Its aim is to discuss issues that affects the Gbagyi people. This year’s own will be on the 23rd of November 2018. 
Read below extract of the press release GEI (Gbagyi Enlightenment Initiative) :

 Our traditions and cultural values often assume dynamism because of non-adherence to our history. Our social society today has allowed western influences consist a repealing force against conserving our cultural practices, but as a people with a rich traditional background, it is on us to strike an equilibrium between our yesterday values and today’s perception. we owe it to the past and the future antecedents of our upbringing a climax of an illuminating understanding of our heritage as a rationale to commemorate and uphold it.
National Gbagyi Summit (NGS) is our brain child, it is an annual event targeted at bringing the Gbagyi nation under one umbrella to commemorate and celebrate our collective heritage, present it to the world and deliberate ways to mutually collaborate and prosper more as a people.
This is 4th edition of the NGS, and in line with our promises to continually innovate ways to pursue the objectives of the summit which are to foster mutualism and take our culture to the world, this year’s summit will feature an exciting cultural festival.
…Today, Time has taken us unaware as the Gbagyi heritage barely gets the searchlight shone on its beautiful complexities. We must now deliberately support initiatives like the National Gbagyi Summit to keep us in the cultural discourse.
The NGS is no new concept and it is no foreign initiative. Rather, it is a reawakening of the historical zeal to place the Gbagyi nation in the 21st century as a thriving nation with a memorable and celebrated heritage.

 National Gbagyi Submit 2018 and A’kunnu will be holding on Friday 23rd 2018, Red carpet: 9: 45 am , main event 10:15am at Exhibition pavilion ICC, Abuja, Nigeria. Lots of activities will be carried out at the event.  See flyer for more details.

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