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We found this on Facebook from an FCT Gbagyi  native with the name Chgudu Theotanko. He is angry with Gbagyi activist who do not fight when necessary

Chigudu Theotanko with Ben Dara and 2 others.

This is what Chigudu Theotanko said on his facebook wall. “You
see one thing with FCT indigenous activists is that they are not
serious. They are misguided. When serious matters are being discussed
you wont hear them talk. Now that PMB has released another list of
non-career diplomats without an indigene of FCT they are all quiet. None
of them is saying anything. Later they will blame PMB when they lack
clear knowledge of what they should be fighting for.

The last time one of them posted something that was more like a confrontation to
Mr PMB was when NPA was purportedly reported to had omitted FCT among
states in Nigeria. This they did without finding out whether it was true
or not. Now, that there is a serious matter on ground they are quiet.
We are watching you all.

had expected that these groups make a statement but none of them has
said anything. Later they will start attacking FCT minister and our
leaders. Issokay.
Aduda has taken a wise stand and i hope
something is done about it. We are waiting for Hon Jisalo and Zakari
Angulu our representatives to speak up. Followed our past leaders and
traditional rulers….
I don tok my own.”

 Also read what we found on his facebook wall about the list of nominees of ambassadorial names submitted Buhari… it was shared with some other people

Just on Wednesday the Government of President Muhammadu Buhari released another list of 46 non career ambassadors to the world as Nigeria’s prospective envoy to different countries around the world. #Thelist
that appears to have some states with two representatives does not have
ANY Abuja indigene or FCT representative on it. This is another list of
national appointment that does not even consider a representative of
FCT or Abuja indigene as nationals of the Nigerian state. But yet have
contributed immensely to National population, economy and political
affairs. In this deliberate act of national exclusion and
marginalization despite constitutional recognition and acceptance, it
will only be needful to say the government of President Muhammadu Buhari
and APC is anti-Abuja government and party.

While the Senator as a proud and bonafide representative of the FCT
senatorial district in the red chambers of the NATIONAL ASSEMBLY.
The President and Commander-in-chief is the Governor of the senatorial
district Senator Philip represents. The President ever since his
assumption of office as the Governor of FCT has been against the
progress and development of his state. Before his assumption, he
promised us to be the best we ever had in the FCT, to even reaffirm his
promise, the President said it during his inauguration that “HE BELONGS
TO NOBODY AND BELONGS TO EVERYBODY” but just a year plus on the throne,
the President now belongs to few people and they have also turned his
eyes against his people.
This is a fact given the recent outburst of his wife against the hijackers she believed have hijacked the President. She said
“if we look at the TV, we will see the hijackers always with him”
let it be clear that PRESIDENT MUHAMMADU BUHARI’s nonchalant attitude
towards his secondary constituency is hurting his own political career
and his descendants as such mistake of giving him or them another vote
will NEVER repeat it self again.
It is very disheartening that
people with electoral value and economic value do not matter to the
nation when it’s time to eat national cake they helped cook.
president has proven this major act that he is not a president for
everybody and his wife allegation is as good as a warning to the
Nigerian populace to never relent after conclusive election but to as a
matter of necessity always voice out their feelings on the scheme of
national affairs orchestrated government hijackers.”

 Nehemiah Z Danmasani Romeo Why kudos to sen. ADUDA?
Must it always be point of order?
First one happened no action…. Appointment Ministers
Second one happened …..appointment of career ambassadors. . no action
Third one happened against….
Always point of order….
Why point of other?
This is your home
We elected to him t

We elected him to represent FCT….
Has he ever Call for Town hall meeting…..
How many has he ever visit any of his constituency to hear from people that elected him…?
Has he ever communicated back to people that elected him?
He recommended his brother for director position who couldn’t even pass a promotion exams.
And you are giving kudos to a personal representative…. Who is only after salary and allowances…
Very unfortunate!
Celebrating non achiever!
Very unfortunate!
Celebrating someone that is just after himself.
Why always point of order…..?

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