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Last week the president, Buhari was issued a WAEC attestation but news have it attached with proves that the attestation is fake. Read below

This is what Hope For Nigeria on facebook provided.
 Have a look at these two attestation from WAEC. 

1) A genuine Attestation Of Certificate from WAEC issued to Mr Usman. The certificate number from his original result was retrieved from his file in WAEC. 

1) On Buhari’s own, he has no record and to play safe, WAEC internationally gave him a bogus Attestation Of Certificate Document, for Buhari and his officers to get off their back. This why APC said that they will not submit the fake certificate to INEC. 

WAEC has no record of Buhari sitting the 1961 Examination and the Headquarter In Ghana has re-confirmed it. 

Fraud is always Fraud. – 
Source: Hope For Nigeria.

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