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President Buhari who is the presidential flag bearer of APC and Atiku of PDP are both absent in the ongoing 2019 presidential debate.

Earlier today, the APC made it known that Buhari was not going to be present at the presidential debate because he is above the other candidates and has no match. The APC referred to other candidates as “daft”. In response to this, the PDP in a statement said their presidential Candidate, Atiku will only avail himself if Buhari is present at the debate.
This became real as out of the five invited presidential candidate, only three were present and two were absent which of course are Buhari and Atiku.
Although, the anchor of the debate made it known that Atiku was present at the venue but refused to come on stage because President Buhari was totally absent.
The public have reacted that they are disappointed in the absence of both Atiku and Buhari as they are the big shot in this 2019 presidential election.
The big question now is, must Nigerians vote Atiku and Buhari?

We present to you a must watch video, click here to watch response from Nigerians as IAMBEST TV ask on the street “WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE CANDIDATE COME 2019”

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