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 Alex Ejior is the bread winner of the Ejiofor family until he is selfishly murdered his so called brothers out of jealousy, his wife has been accused of having hand in her husband death so must go through the sad face of traditional rites, his son Emeka has been inflicted with madness and 15 years old Sandra given out to a human trafficker for sex labor in a place she called Lybia, power must change hands, but how? Silent Conscience…The tears of a widow, struggle of a girl child…

A movie Written/produced Okpe Lawrence Okpe,Tony Nakale directed…Starring Vetoran Nollywood Actor Tony Goodman, Kate Okoye, Okpe Lawrence Okpe, Suzzan Emmernuels, Ijeoma Ellams and other great cast.
It’s a much watch, plan to attend the Premiere/Launching

Date. 1st April 2016
Time.  4pm Red Carpet,  5pm Premiere
Venue… Art and Culture Hall,Abuja.

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