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Addressing the nation for the first time since his return from an over 100 day medical vacation in London, President Buhari said unity of Nigeria is settled and not negotiable. That Terrorists and criminals must be fought and destroyed relentlessly so that Nigerians can live in peace. 

In a post on Facebook after the speech, Senator Shehu Sani weighed in, describing the message passed as a Lion’s roar meant to wake up a slumbering nation. He wrote; 
The President spoke the mind of Nigerians who cherishes our unity,peace and collective progress.He spoke as a Nationalist and he spoke my mind a hundred percent. 
He sent a clear message to terrorists,ethnic irredentists,secessionists and champions of sectionalism that this union is an indissoluble matrimony in all circumstances.
The President speech was a Lion’s roar meant to reaffirm and reinforce the unity of a nation showing signs of disintegration during his absence.The President speech was a Lion’s roar reestablishing full control of a staggering Clime heading to an engineered implosion during his absence.
The President speech was a Lion’s roar meant to wake up a slumbering nation dangerously forgetting the lessons of its history and the calling of its future.
The president speech was a Lion’s roar meant to extinguish the Soviet/Yugoslavia inferno stoking in our country. During the President absence,our hard earned trophy of peace and plaque of unity were gathering dust and gradually been eaten ants and bugs,the Lion roar to clear them. 
Our dreams and vision for a better country can be achieved without the need to subscribe to disorder or surrender to it.The roaring Lion may have disappointed “Biafranistas” and “Restructunistas” and “Evictionistas” but it’s pleasing to “Nationalistas”

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