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I AM BEST NETWORKS gathered from L. Ikeji that Maje Ayida recently had an interview with Thelca Wilkie where he spoke
on his breakup with Toke Makinwa, how it affected his business and his
new role as a father. Maje in the interview talked about how he met Toke

“We met at a boat club in Lagos. She is a great person. She is going to
keep flying and she is going to soar because that is how great she is.
You guys haven’t seen anything yet about how special this girl is”.

Maje who has a son, Micah, from his babymama, Anita Solomon, who got
pregnant for him while he was still married to Toke, said he is still
learning on his new role as a Father

“I am still learning. Its a whole new world. Its a whole lot of self
discovery to come so I just take each day as it comes. Its life. Like is
evolving. Life is crazy. You just got to hold on, strap up and move on”

On plans to get married again, Maje who will be 44 this year said

 “No. I don’t know”.

Asked about the media attention he had last year after his breakup, Maje said

“I had a very dramatic year last year. I am kind of slowly trying to
climb out of that hole. How did I deal with it? I focused on my work. I
put my work forward and allowed that speak for me. I couple of the big
brands I work with got a bit spooked. Business wasn’t actually kicking”.

Asked whether it was fair for him to have been in the face of the media at the time, Maje said

“I think its life. I think it happens. If you are in the media for the wrong reason, its going to affect you”.

Lessons he learnt, Maje said

“I learnt that people could be vicious. People could be judgmental when
they no nothing about you or anything about your story or where you are
coming from but its fine. Hold on to the people that do know you. They
are the ones that matter and don’t get derailed”.

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