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“When the evening came, the owner of the vine yard said to his foreman, call the workers and pay them their wages, beginning with the last one hire and going on to the first.”

We serve a God that is a repairer God and He is the God of restoration. One of the easiest way to know where God is working is to notice where the devil is hanging around.
If we preview the previous verses we will notice that it is a story of delay and stagnation of people who are carriers of God’s potential to fulfil their assignment for His Kingdom and God is always in search of this people. even you, as you are reading it now.
God is alway insearch of people who’s potential and ability have been clothed and bind hands and foot with garments of rejection, despare and societal dis-classification of recognition and association.
God is not a debtor to no man, many who begin last, and promise little in religion, sometimes the blessings of God, arrives at greater attainments in knowledge, grace, and usefulness, than others whose entrance was more early and thought could be paid fairer wage of God’s blessings than others.

To be clothed with garments of delay and stagnation is to experience
1. Denial of expressions of your God given potentials.
2. Stagnation is the arrest of attention into fraustration
3. Delay brings rejection of association.

I don’t know what tendency the enemy has clothed you with, but my God is unwinding your grave cloths of delay and stagnation today in Jesus Name.

I prophesy the power of spiritual illumination to be visible to your destiny helper today in Jesus Name.
Pastor Misheal

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