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Nigeria as a country with more than 250 ethnic groups with some part of the ethnic groups  located in the south- south part of Nigeria .
Today on our fashion & style segment ( WEEKEND COUTURE) we bring to you the fashion & style of the South-South people of Nigeria. This part of Nigeria comprises of more than five (5) states with different tribes & languages like the Calabar, Ibibio and MANY more.

As every ethnic group has its traditional fashion & style, so also the South-south region of Nigeria. They have their way of dressing and special way of styling their attires. This special way of their cultural fashion and style gives them a beautiful fashion colour.
WEEKEND COUTURE a fashion and style segment exclusive on I Am Best Magazine of IAMBESTNETWORKS presents the south-south fashion style to you. Watch photos below…

Photo credit: Google
WEEKEND COUTURE is a fashion, style and modeling weekend segment on I AM BEST MAGAZINE exclusive on Iambestnetworks that showcases all forms and kinds of fashion and styles that are trending put together different designers and models. This is showcased every Friday and every fashion designer and model can be part of this. All you need to do is to contact Iambestnetworks. So if you are a fashion designer or a model and you wanna showcase what you do; also for advert placement contact Iambestnetworks via:
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