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There is no doubt that cyber crime (yahoo yahoo) is fast  becoming a multi-billion naira industry in Nigeria. Ranging from impersonation, deception  and the rests.

It is also not a news that cyber crime or yahoo is now street gist among teens and young folks in Nigeria.  The recent SCHOOL OF YAHOO discovered in Lagos crowned it all.
In just 6 months this year,  the EFCC said it has arrested over 1000 persons involve in cyber related crimes.
On September 19, the same anti-graft agency arrested 25 students of a university in Oyo state.
Let me jiggle you, that in the month of August 2019, corpers vital information were soughted out some persons into cyber crime for their mischievous act. Now, the very big question here remains that how come the particular group of persons it affected were corpers and in the same state. To give us an insight, it simply connote that the targeted people details were sourced from the NYSC camp, because of the rolls of record gathered.
The recent FBI list of course is still fresh in our minds.

The country is no longer milky in anyway. This is simply because, a large number of our populace conduct has help other minds in different nations to give birth to impressions that it citizens are always wanting to imbibe crook measures to make money. Of course, desperate people do desperate things. So unfortunate that some innocent person became victims of cyber crime because they wanted to fly and shine in a jiffy.

Traveling with a Nigeria passport seems to be  a torn in the flesh. controling agencies both home and abroad will question you to why you must not be treated as a criminal. A Nigerian is a pillar of suspicion, before other nation, so any one fortunate to travel abroad must be a yahoo, drug peddler or prostitute

Speaking from the grassroot, endless questions about our present situation might not provide satisfactory answers to us because the majority are not standing tall in their local assemblies.
But then, a kudos has to go for the minority who still tries to present us both home and abroad.

The internet have the capacity to make any young folks with a sense of purpose achieve his aim legitimately and many youths have taken  that partway.  A tomato seller can get his customers using the power of the cyberspace. The same work in the case of the bank manager. A dry cleaner and the textile factory owner are also presented with equal opportunities.

The greatness of a nation must not only be measured how big and populous she is, but  the positive impact of her actions and inactions.
No nation seeking the position of respect and good treatment for her citizens abroad can afford to fold her hands watching Criminals ravaging her reputation.
It is therefore necessary for individuals, parents, the government and the agencies to get strategic about curbing this challenge of cyber criminalism  to bring it to a lowest minimum all means just as other nations of the west region of Africa are doing it and then position Nigeria as a respectable nation in the eyes of the world to end the ill treatment to her citizens off the shores of the nation.

Written Lokossou Sylvian

He is the founder of Success Tonic (Success Tonic is a platform where we share inspirational thoughts and educate youth on the essence of reading for socital impart)and the CEO of Lokodos Africa Decor.

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  1. This is really not like a unity in country because of these unjustified. Gbagyi ethical group are left uncalibrated Nigeria wherethe are the indigenous Nigeria, pls gbagyi should looks towards it.

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