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Going through all kinds of social medias like facebook, instagram, Snapchat, Twitter etc each day and viewing updates, I observe that wedding which is just a ceremony is seen some people as the climax of one’s success to the extent that  even the purpose of the wedding which is marriage according to God’s plan  is ignored.
Elaborate weddings are always the news flaunting social media with all kinds of  styles and concept.

 But very importantly, there is this one thing that alot of people do not know nor  take into cognisance and it is that, elaborate weddings doesn’t guarantee peace, achievement and relevance in marriage, society and in the kingdom of God. Alot of persons do not know that Marrying the most handsome man with awesome physical characteristics and probably with a heavy pocket or maybe marrying a  beautiful “sexy slay queen” with beautiful family background is not what matters in been successful in life and impacting the society positively. Studies have shown that marriage is just like a vehicle driving you to help fulfil a “part” of your purpose in life (though its not an end itself) and that is why the partner you marry can make or destroy you.  Its better one finds purpose while single than waiting to get married first. So its important that one  be mindful of the driver of this vehicle (marriage) because he/she has  a lot to do with your final destination.

     I have also seen many who during their single’s life(bachelor or spinster), never strife to know the purpose of their existence and instead of finding purpose they were finding life partner right from their teenage stage; and this choice of theirs still hunt them like a “bad dream” because they are finding no life, they are making no impact and no fulfilment even in the marriage. They have nothing to live for except their jobs and family.” I am actually not discouraging  those who wanna get married now but the point is, try to get a life for yourself first, find a purpose for your existence so your marriage can be better.  Its true that those who get married without first finding purpose, only few out of majority get to discover their purpose later in  marriage and the rest don’t get to discover it. The bad news here is that once you cant find your purpose in life, you experience little or no fulfilment in the life you live and little or no inner peace.

    Let me break some hearts here. It is a shallow mentality to think you are only on this earth to go to school, earn a degree, secure a good job, get married, give birth to children and then start to enjoy life. It may interest you to know that God didn’t bring you to this life for those reasons aforementioned  only. God’s intention for you is far more than that. Remember that Christ died as a single( bachelor) fulfiled man. It’s not recorded that He worked with the government of his time nor it was recorded he had a girlfriend or a wife rather he was busy fulfilling his purpose and doing his original assignment even as a child and that is why at his early age 12, when he sat at the synagogue and his parents looked for him he said “don’t you know I am carrying out my father’s business?” Jesus was busy making impact and fulfilling his divine purpose So, you are not exempted. The main purpose for your existence is to make impact and be relevant. Remember, this is not to discourage you from getting married but just  bringing it to your notice that it is essential you find purpose before finding a partner.

Its essential that after the wedding and the building of your home, ask yourself what can you and your family offer to the world? Fulfilment in marriage and life in general comes when you are able to first  find a life for yourself, discover your life purpose, gifts, talents and  make impact. You must not go to school or you must not have all the skills and knowledge in this world nor be a medical  doctor, engineer, an ordained pastor, evangelist before you make impact. All you need to do is to find your purpose as an individual before a partner and then, even in your closet and work place, you could still make impact. You can be a financial apostles, philanthropist, you can venture into any other sphere of life or use your gifts so you can be the reason why someone is smiling. You can be a motivation to someone. In essence, just make an an impact, affect lives positively.

May I say that marriage is not your last stage in been successful in fact, it is the beginning of another journey. So friends, my fellow ladies especially, walking down the aisle is a responsibility added  to you to the world and not a limitation to be an ordinary housewife, show forth your purpose in that marriage and be a source of blessing to many out there.
Be wise and prayerful in choosing a life partner, money is good but do not allow money to control you and your destiny. your purpose in life is bigger than making money, you can have dominion over money so don’t allow money make you marry the wrong person who will end up killing your purpose instead of helping you fulfill it.

 Unmarried men and women should know that this stage(been a bachelor or spinster) is the best stage for you to discover your purpose in life, do not be eager to get married, just take your time to develop yourself and start being relevant so that your  partner will be a witness to your fulfilment.
 Let the world feel the impact of your single life that’s if you are not married  and to those who are married, let the world feel the impact of your marriage.
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