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20-10-20 a day to remember in the history of Nigeria. A day that so many carriers of hope stepped out to voice out so as to be heard and also to get the attention of her Government whom they thought got them at heart.

But only for it to turn out to be the darkest day in the history of the country. Visionaries who stepped out hoping and asking for a better and conducive environment and atmosphere for them to manifest became the sacrifice. Their hopes were dashed out those who were supposed to protect them. They were shot at and wounded for exercising their human rights. Yet no tangible action has been taken against such inhumane act. This act was taken lightly like it was animals who got shots. Lies those held in high esteem trended on government media.

What then can we say or do? Pathetic right?

Our hearts goes out to the heroes who fell at the lekki toll gate. We hold you up in high esteem. None of your bravery actions will be taken for granted. Highly appreciated and none would go in vain. Today in honor of you, we give a standing ovation because you deserve all the respect that is given to you today being 20-10-21 a year after.

Nigeria is rising again, silent but not giving up. Every life that has gone in the course of this one year will sure not be forgotten. A well redefined Armies are rising to take over. The change isn’t far the change is near and here. The flag is gaining back her respect that she was deprived of.

Nigeria must be fixed. We must get it right.

Endsars isn’t the end but the means to an end. God bless Nigeria.


Writer: ©Abigeal Moses

Abigail Moses

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