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So has it been in this year, 2019. I personally lost at some point in the year run but in some months the battles were won.

It’s December 18th, countdown to Christmas celebration and new year. These days are always beautified in our heart with creations revealing their utmost goals, expectations, achievements and resolutions. Its a climax for our chase over the 11 months spent. Days clouded with heartaches, rain and pains. I had a share of it all actually.
Yea, challenges always gives us the feeling that we are humans still alive and not dead.

I always say to myself, that I am not an Angel and I can’t grow into one at this juncture. But then, let me act as an adviser.
It’s been a good moment for me this few days because I am learning to release forgiveness to everyone who has hurt me in the run.
Forgiveness brings about true healing. Some of us are ignorant about this fact and thwwftat is why whenever we are ushered into new month and year, some persons operate on the atmosphere of lock doors (withheldblessings). This is because they have failed to access the key of bitterness, grudge and pains which is the need to let go and release forgiveness to everyone who has hurt us.

Now I want to close this article with two terms called “planning and budgeting”. Even as we plan to celebrate the Christmas especially our Christians, let’s be reminded on the need to plan and budget well in order not to run at deficit even as we step into 2020.
Thanks for reading through and always reading through. You are loved and cherished.  I am Justina Barde.

Justina Barde
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