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“I won’t sing again because they laughed at me!”
“Oh ,my dancing skills are wack! No body applauded!”.

” I am Ugly nobody complemented me”.
“Oh ,She said I am not good at it”.
They have said all of these but what you say makes the difference.

 Many times we allow people put us down , we care more about people’s opinion than even Gods opinion. The truth is, your life is not a base ball game so don’t expect cheer leaders. You are your greatest cheerleader. I am personally inspired a lot of ‘made stars’ through their testimonies. They share stories like, “Oh my God! the first day I got on stage I was booed but I refused to give up. I practised harder, was more determined and today I am a star”.
As you listen to testimonies like this, what do you do with it? Do you agree with them or you tell yourself that you are better than what they say and prove them wrong.

The Power Of Your Tongue
The Bible describes the tongue as the smallest part of the body but yet the deadliest. What you say is very important in shaping you and who you eventually become.
Once in a while look at the mirror and talk to yourself. Say “I am strong, I will make it, I can do it and I won’t give up”! Feed yourself with so much positivity it helps you boost your confidence. God has given you so much and If you fail its your fault. Don’t use your mouth to destroy yourself.

The truth is anyone can put you down even the people you expect to put you up like your family, friends and loved ones. Negativity most times comes from people so close and it can be hurtful but the truth is, their opinion has no effect on your life. This is just like story of  a boy who loved singing so much. He knew he had the talent but each time he tried singing at home, he was told to shut up and stop noise making. He didn’t give up rather he continued practising a lot and then the appreciation he did not get from his family came from the world!

You are your greatest preacher talk to yourself like you would talk to someone else. Motivate yourself, inspire yourself, don’t let anyone tell you who you are not; trust me,  watch and see how far you will go.

Written Faith Hauwa Adama

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