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For ages, sugars had been used for sweetening foods, people nowadays won’t even buy food or drink that doesn’t contain sugar. Sugar at all is not good for the body, it damage the body system and tissues. 

See disadvantages Attached to consuming sugary foods; 

This is a medical condition in which there is too much of level of unusual concentration of sugar in the blood. When there is too much of sugar in the bloodstream, it gives or pave ways for many diseases to comes in, such as diabetes. 

People thinks it’s only adult that can be diabetic in nature, no, we currently have two types of diabetics, type-1 diabetes and type-2 diabetes. Type-1 diabetes manifest during the onset stage of 0-39yrs of age while type-2 diabetics are experienced from those age 40yrs and above, so as a tennager or adolescent, you can be diabetic, just that they are not pronounced in young people until it is manifested to type-2 diabetics. 

As have explained above, consuming too much of sugar will get you to be diabetics. 

What’s is Diabetes : its a group of metabolic diseases wherea person has high blood sugar due to an inability to produce, or inability to metabolize, sufficient quantities of the hormone insulin. 

Also, too much of sugar consumption can also lead to what I called “Diabetes Insipidus”, a condition characterized excessive thirst and excretion of large amounts of severely diluted urine. I know many hard-addicted beer drinkers would have in one time of their life experienced this condition. And the most saddening part of this is that Diabetes is a killer diseases, so, prevent it now consuming lesser or no sugar. 

This maybe fascinated to students, have you ever wonder sometimes why you forget things easily, sugary foods have been proven to play a part in the cognitive reasoning of man in term of remembrance, too much of sugar consumption affects your cognitive brain part. So stop it. 

Your daily consumption of sugar can raise the way your heart beats, have once blog on the effect of using too much of Maggi into soups, which also has a detrimental effects to heart performances, so, using sugar always in your food may not help your heart beat at all, so stop the usage of sugar if you are type that’s prone to using it to avoid early grave. 

You are type that rush to the toilet in a tick of a second to pour out those watery stools, why can’t you reduce your sugar intake. Consumption of too much of sugar will give you dysentery and diarrhea, which will certainly make you lose most of water content in your body and you become dehydrated. 

Some people think taking beers will make you last longer in bed with your wife, that’s a gainsay, if I tell you the concentration of sugar in beers, you will never want to drink beer again in your life. Daily consumption of sugar will certainly have an effect on your spe-rm, it’s makes it watery, and if your spe-rm is watery in most cases, it might not be able to fertilize an egg. 

Taking much sugar as have earlier discussed has some detrimental effects on your spe-rm, if your are the type that consume much of sugar, you will reach your plateau state faster and you won’t be able to last longer in bed, that’s why you see people taking bitter drinks before they have any intercourse with their spouse, bitter drinks most times have been served as a se-men suspenser in most cases. 

Majority of the ladies of nowadays can’t do without taking sweetening foods especially sweetening soft drinks, sugar in these drinks can affect you during your visitors period. That’s why most ladies who consumed much sugar wriggled on the floors and bed when they are about to release that blood flow, though not all ladies experience wriggling during menstruation but majority of ladies have PMS (Pre menstrual syndrome) at every stage cycles of their life during menstruation.

So if you are the type that can’t do without sugar, please stop it, if you actually value your health.

Source: Clinic Gist 

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