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An unbelievable video has gone viral on Facebook and it features a
newborn bawalking just as soon as she was born, to the amazement of
nurses. The tiny tot was being cradled the midwife as she attempted
to give her her first bath but the bahad other ideas and bound out of
the woman’s body, then moves her feet and walks while held the

 The midwife carrying the baacross her chest couldn’t
believe what had just happened as the infant fights to walk on her own.
The nurse’s voice can be heard in the video as she cried out in

“Oh my gosh, the girl is walking. Good gracious!”

Another person in the room can be heard saying “Wait let me film this.”

Both hospital staff can be heard shouting for another staff to come witness what was happening.

“Ju, Ju come and see this,” they cry.

midwife seen in the video, then explains that she had been trying to
give the baa bath but the child just wanted to get up and walk.

father. I was trying to wash her here and she keeps getting up to walk.
She has walked from here to here,” she explains pointing with one hand
to where she initially tried to lay the badown to give the child her
first bath and the distance the child had already covered.

midwife lifted the baup and returned her to her chest but the baby
refused to stay down and with a strength uncharacteristic of her age,
she pushed up onto her legs and starts moving across the table again.
The midwife later declared that no one would believe except they saw the

She said: “Heavens above. If you told people what has
just happened no one would believe it unless they saw it with their own

The video was uploaded on Facebook and has
gone viral with over 50 million views and 1.3 million shares. The
insignia on the midwife’s robes suggests she works at a Santa Cruz
Hospital, in a city in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, south Brazil.
People who watched the video commented saying it was nothing short of a
miracle. see photo below…(L.Ikeja)

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