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For 30minutes with my pen and book wondering what to write down concerning Nigeria’s Independence. An indifferent feelings of sadness and happiness. How can we say Happy Independence day When in reality we are not happy? It would be ironic to say an inexistent phenomenal. But Hope is what we have in Nigeria.

Taking the below shot yesterday made me to understand how greatly our country needs help and this help must come. To think this is L.E.A school in Abuja the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria? If this exist in the Capital of Nigeria, what then would become of other states of the Nation?

It is expected that a 61 year old is already having returns from all it’s previous years of toiling, implementation of dreams and visions. Also probably might have set a conducive environment/foundation for the generations coming out of him and after him to build on or flourish in. But here is a 61 year old still struggling to find herself and draining her people.

Are we going to give up on Her? Hell No!

Yes there’s nothing to celebrate at 61 looking at the number of casualties that are buried daily just yesterday a mass burial took place in kaduna as a result of bandits attack amongst others. One thing is sure, hope isn’t loss yet because we got everything needed to make the next years worthy of celebration.

Do you know a New Nigeria is emerging?

A Nigeria free from Ethic/religious bias.
A Nigeria that would embrace innovation and development.
A Nigeria that appreciates skills,gifts and talents.
A Nigeria that love would be the dominant language.
A Nigeria that every Nigerian can afford a good standard of living.
A Nigeria that will be free from corruption and bad leadership.
A Nigeria that would be worthy of dying for.

I still believe in Nigeria and it’s Greatness. Keep the belief alive because God is not done with Nigeria yet. And for Nigeria to change, it has to start from our minds as individuals and our daily positive declaration upon the Nation.

God bless Nigeria!!!

Writer: @Abigeal Moses

Abigail Moses

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