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I know Hassana Barnabas. She is fluent, beautiful both from inside and outside. She is intelligent, God-fearing and determined in every thing she decides to do and that’s why her favourite quote is “when things go wrong don’t go blue, just pray and say I’ll get through.” Hassana Barnabas, a lawyer with integrity.
so permit me to address her as Barrister Hassana Barnabas though popularly known as Mc Hassy. Mc Hassy a twin born in the late 90s 16th of November. She attended Federal Government College Kwali and ABU Zaria. She is a native of Ushafa Bwari Area council Abuja. She speak and understands Gbagyi, Hausa and English. Mc Hassy is fun to be with and she is a good cook. She has inspired lots of people and I tell you, you won’t regrate meeting her at Tuning session, she will be at the word therapy summit happening on the 7th and 8th of January 2017. Tuning session will be holding at Law School Bwari Abuja.Come get the right knowledge you ever needed.
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