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This is interesting, Amaechi has come up to deny that he never lobbied nor bribed to manipulate any court judgement in favor of APC…..Read what Daily trust has to say about it from their findings….

“The Minister of Transportation Chibuike Rotimi Ameachi
has denied the allegations Justice Ngwuta as ‘pure ficton’ and a
means to muddle up the investigations Department of State Services
Ameachi in a statement from his media team Thursday
Night said “The Hon. Justice Ngwuta’s allegation as it concerns Amaechi
is nothing but pure fiction, a dubious diversionary tale concocted to
muddle the very serious issues of his arrest and investigation the
Department of State Services (DSS)”.
The transport minister also denied the allegations that he had  tried to influence some court decisions.
He said “that [I] did not and has never tried to
lobby, induce or make the Hon. Justice Ngwuta to influence the outcome
of any matter before the Supreme Court or any other court.”
He further stated that Justice Sylvester Nguwuta  is attempting to drag him in to a DSS investigation.
“Within a space of 48 hours, we have observed a
carefully planned and coordinated political attempt to drag [me] into
the DSS arrest and investigation of judges in Nigeria.
The aim of the plot is two-fold: to smear and
politically destroy the image and reputation of Amaechi, and deceitfully
portray him as the person behind the arrest of judges. This is indeed
most ridiculous and callous”, He stated.
While Adding that it was a well funded plot to take
him out  “We are aware of a well timed, heavily funded plot to “take
out” Amaechi politically, and it appears that Justice Ngwuta and Justice
Inyang Okoro, have wittingly or unwittingly been conscripted into this
devious politics of “destroy Amaechi all means.”
Justice Ngwuta and Justice Okoro
in their separate letters to Nigeria Judicial Council (NJC) had accused
Ameachi of bribery and attempts to influence court decisions.”

source: daily trust

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