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Dear Abuja

For how long will you continue to betray yourselves? How and when will you regain your stolen mandates when you all are at loggerheads with each other? You have scattered yourselves just like the chicken scattering the soil and have allowed foreigners to pick up power with no stress.
For Heaven’s sake, why will you dishonor and embarrass your indigenous political  leaders because of political pleasure that will only last but  for a short time. You have allowed and settle down with foreigners as your political leaders and the little power left for you, you still wanna give it out to be controlled outsiders.
Your home(Abuja) should be number one irrespective of political party. Why should you burn down your houses  because your brother is in party “B” while you are in party “X”?
Who has bewitched Abuja and who has cursed that land. I hate that Abuja indigenes are becoming settlers instead of landlords.

If in any case you don’t like a political leader probably for the fact that he is not performing, why don’t you all reason together as brothers and sisters to seek the way forward?
I hope the little stipends given to you some political pythons don’t devour you much later.
Check it out in the Eastern, Western or far Northern parts of Nigeria, have you ever seen a foreigner rule or govern those areas? Have you seen them showcase their political ‘barbaricness’ like some of you do?  Forget what “they” say that “Abuja is no man’s land”. That law was made out of selfishness, it will never hold water except you allow it.

Abuja, braze up and wise up. You deserve more, you deserve better.
You can only stand when you are united and fall when you divide yourselves.
I am Shedy Elisha.

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