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Read the press release below Bwari Youth development association (BYDA) concerning yesterday’s(Saturday 16th June 2018) crisis in Bwari Area Council, Abuja.(photos & videos inclusive)

“Press release
We want to categorically state our grievances towards how unhealthy, FCT Minister (Mohammed Musa Bello) appointment of Awal Musa Ijakoro as Sarkin Bwari have made our peaceful land (Bwari) become unpeaceful.

If you recall the Crisis that engulfed Bwari during Christmas, 25th December 2017 to be precised, escalated when people from his palace blocked our youths on their way to prepare grave for our demised brother (Mr Wisdon) burial who was stabbed on 24th December 2017.

Today been 16th June 2018, the same Awal Musa Ijakoro led group of taughts, miscreants, haters of peace, undemocratic fellows carrying all sort of weapons to cause havoc in Bwari all in the name of Sallah celebration. Affix to this press release are proofs of the gross misconduct of the illegal Sarkin Bwari who hails from Ijakoro of Niger state…

Today’s crisis erupted as a result of their attempt to follow Esu Palace (The Palace of the legitimate Rural of Bwari, HRH Ibrahim Yaro) with all sort of weapons probably heading to destroy the palace.

As peace loving people of Bwari, we call on the attention of the FCT Minister and Mr president to please give us our Bwari back, please reverse the appointment issued to Awal Musa Ijakoro to rule over Bwari… As this gross misconduct is getting out of hands, we will not take this misbehaviour again, we have been patient enough.”

Watch video below, click, video loads in few seconds:

See photos below:

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