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I remember years back in secondary school and my first year in the university when I used to be a tomboy. I used to barb my hair, walk like a boy and I sagged everything from my trousers, skirt and even down to my undergarments. Yes it was that serious. My secondary schoolmates can attest to this fact. This behavior followed me to university. From my walking steps down to my mode of dressing, it was everything tomboy and guess what? I cared less; I enjoyed my life that way at least no guy could talk me into love & romance. Well, that helped me to remain focus and not to lose track from my academic race. No distractions, girl was fully focused on the goal in order to win the prize.

Along the line, the constant thing in life happened (CHANGE) and this didn’t just happen rather it took deliberate actions in the part of the “Changee” permit me to use the word and the “Changer”. The Changer that helped my life was my bunkmate Merit Eshameh. Mehn…, this lady did alot in ensuring that I become the lady I was supposed to be. She used to say to me “Bunky you need to stop this tomboy behavior you’re a lady. You really need to stop sagging your skirts and tight and learn to wear them as a lady would”. She didn’t just say this once, it was more like an anthem .

Trust me it took me time to process all of that or adhere to those advices and for me to adjust. But still on I gave my best into ensuring that I start behaving like the lady I am. Believe me, this deliberate efforts and actions changed my life and I’m glad I yielded. Come on, how can a spec like me be a tomboy for life? O wrong now. No offense please to those who are tomboys… LOL!

My point is, for you to be that person you’ve always wished to become or for you to stop that bad habit of yours, you need to be deliberate about it. Nothing happens bychance and nothing changes until intentional steps are taken. Be deliberate about the result you want to see.

Thank you for reading and trust you had a good read!

© Abigeal Moses

Abigail Moses

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