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Being a public figure entails alot and one of the aspect I would love to look into is the aspect of forgoing some of the things that you love and having to live bywhat you preach. And before I go further I would love to give a standing ovation to all public figures out there especially those who work out daily to stand for purity, justice and morality. We see the efforts you put in daily and we appreciate it all.

Sometimes ago Bisi did something that ordinarily it is not bad but based on what the society and the set of people doing it has painted it to be, it’s regarded as bad. It led to an argument between Bisi and her loved ones where they tried to make her understand why she shouldn’t be found in the position of doing such and she also gave them her reasons letting them know that she loved it and that was why she went for it. But her loved ones decided to remind her of how she is a ray of light to many out there who are always following up with her and wished to be like her. And at that point Bisi remained mute and saw the sense in what they were saying.

Bisi’s story is familiar to that of any public figure. Most of the time this people sacrifice their fun and other things just to ensure they keep being on track. They try their best to live bywhat they preach. From personal experience though I know I have not gotten there yet but with the little I do on this space, there are so many things I admire but I can’t practice or do just because I am a Brand and I must do well in representing this brand.

I know some will say “I don’t care about what people will say about me” or “People can’t dictate what I do with my life” or”Why bother about what people think or say about you?” Oh well there’s so much people have to say about you at least with the death of the legend Sound Sultan sometimes back, we’ve realized that there’s a lot to say about you and what will outlive you. When you are a follower or aspiring to be a leader, you would understand that there’s limit to things you should do and not. There’s alot you dish out through your lifestyle. Like the Holy Bible in Mathew 5:16 “Let your life so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven”. The verse didn’t say you should speak to someone through quoting of scriptures but rather it says let your life so shine, so it is byliving that you preach to others.

Beloved, not everything that seems right to you that is good, you just try to be at your best. And to all public figures out there, I see your efforts daily, at the same time know when you’re feeling overwhelmed, it is very much okay to seek for help when you need it. Stop acting strong when you’re weak. Being strong is you acknowledging that there are times that you can be so weak and you need help too.

Your life is always out there and people will always dig your life especially that we are in the days of Social media and AI. Every step you take is monitored just like the feud between AY and Basket Mouth. If you are reading this whether you are a public figure or not, just live right and do the right thing.

Writer- Abigeal Moses

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Abigail Moses

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