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Few days ago, a mentor of mine talked about being in a competition with someone you are supposed to be learning from via her WhatsApp status. And this is not far from the truth, many people these days are all out to outshine the other when they’re called to shine differently. And this act of competition leads to unnecessary rilvry and it’s most likely that the person you’re trying to compete with or copy from doesn’t even know that you’re competing with him/her.

It is not wrong to admire what someone is doing, it becomes a problem when you want to always measure up to the person or copy the lifestyle. And one thing you need to know is competition creates a bitter spirit in you and envy becomes the order in your mind.

What I would rather suggest for you to do is to draw closer to the person in order to learn more so as to become better in your own way and function in your own designated purpose God created you for. When you see someone doing greatly especially in your line of interest, look for a way to get closer to that person, make your intention known and when you do so, it saves you from the Cain spirit. Do you want to know the Cain spirit?

The Cain spirit is you getting angry someone close to you is doing better than you. And when this spirit of Cain clouds your mind, it leads to envy, comparison and competition. And if not handled carefully, it could lead you to destroying/killing that person.

I want to say this to you, when someone close to you is doing better than you, it is not a time for you to be angry rather it is time for you to celebrate, admire and move closer to that person in order to enjoy from what the person knows that you don’t. It is not a time for competition or trying to show that you can do it too. Resist being a low budget or counterfeit of a success you don’t understand. Thrive to be real, manifest in your own space, create originality there. Always look out for growth not competition.

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Abigail Moses

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