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The new leadership of National Association of Nigerian Students has threatened not to allow any political campaign hold across the country until the Academic Staff Union of Universities calls off its strike which has been on for seven months.

The announcement was made Chairman of NANS National Taskforce, Ojo Olumide, on Wednesday September 21.

Olumide stated that the current administration has pushed students into depression and they’ve had enough.

He said;
“Our blocking of access to public roads and ports is just a warning. If the government fails to conclude all the negotiation and agreement with ASUU within the frame of two weeks, they will witness more protests and rallies all over the country, they will also witness the annoyance, anger and frustration of Nigerians Students who have been at home for the past seven months.

“As we promise them that we will not allow any political campaign to hold across the country until we are back to class. This government has pushed so many Nigerians students into depression. We say enough is enough; we can no longer bear the brunt from this avoidable crisis in our nation public ivory towers again.”

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