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Nigeria’s Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar and a former Secretary General of the Common Wealth, Emeka Anyaoku, have called for a national restructuring, stressing that it is the remedy for Nigeria’s leadership problems.

Atiku reaffirmed his earlier position on the need to reduce power at the center.
According to him, restructuring that gives more powers to the states, will enable them to generate more resources for regional development.
“Restructuring to me, means effecting changes to our current federal structure, it means devolution of more powers to the federating units with their accompanying resources.
“After restructuring, states will get more resources than they are currently getting, they are simply lazy,” he added.
Anyaoku on his part, insisted that a return to a regional system of government will hasten socio-economic development of the country’s regions.
“Restructuring will be the panacea of most of our current challenges. The powerful centre that we have which breeds the do or die competition for the control of that centre – I would suggest that the 36 states, they should remain as parts of the six federating units, they should become development zones within the six federating units,” he said.

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