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The Ekiti state governor, Ayo Fayose, has approved the payment of about  N140m severance package due to former dead and living elected-public-office holders at the local government level in the state.

He gave the order for the payment during a meeting he held with them on Monday December 26th. Adelusi quoted Fayose as directing that families of those already dead must also be paid the entitlements of their deceased ones. In his statement, this is what he said…

“The governor felt that despite the economic challenges we are facing as a state, we feel it is our duty to honour those who had served our state in the past. They had contributed their own quota to the development of our state; therefore, families of those that are already dead should be paid too. The ‎exercise has nothing to do with politics and must be fairly shared. We already made some payments some months ago and we are again doing this now. If this had been done in the past, the backlog would not have been a burden on us now, if not for the financial challenges we are facing, we would have paid everything at a go.”

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