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Captain of the US men’s football team, Michael Bradley, who is also son of legendary U. S footballer Bob Bradley, and has made more than 125 appearances for the men’s national team, has reacted to U.S President Donald Trump’s decision to sign a new law that temporarily bans immigrants from 7 countries like Iran,  Iraq and Libya that are considered ‘terror prone’.
Back in November, Bradley called for unity following the election of Donald Trump, urging the American public to support Donald Trump fully.


“My general feeling is that we as Americans, we trust our system, we respect our democracy. Regardless of your beliefs, regardless of how you voted, we have an obligation to come together and get behind our new president and to have faith and trust that he will do what’s best for the entire country.
“In moments like this it is easy to question things. But this is what makes our country great, that we have a system where every American can go and vote. The results may not be what every person wanted. Some are happy, others aren’t, but the way forward is to come together, give our president support, rally behind him. He will continue what I believe every president has done — make decisions for the good of the country.”
But Bradley,  known for commenting on Social issues, has now blasted the new US president calling him xenophobic, misogynistic and narcissistic in an interview with Sports Illustrated’s Grant Wahl.
“A few hours ago ago I gave an interview to Grant Wahl,” wrote Bradley on his Instagram page .
“After 15 minutes of an interview that was centered around soccer and our national team, he asked me my thoughts on President Trump’s ban on Muslims … I gave an answer where I tried to make it clear that while I understand the need for safety, the values and ideals of our country should never be sacrificed. I believe what I said, but it was too soft.
‘The part I left out is how sad and embarrassed I am. When Trump was elected, I only hoped that … President Trump would be different than the campaigner Trump. That the xenophobic, misogynistic and narcissistic rhetoric would be replaced with a more humble and measured approach to leading our country. I was wrong. And the Muslim ban is just the latest example of someone who couldn’t be more out of touch with our country and the right way to move forward.”
Sports associations like the NBA and American Football League have already approached Homeland Security to enquire about how Trump’s new law will affect their players,  especially those from the banned countries.

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