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Today legendary Jclone in a conversation with IAMBESTNETWORKS via WhatsApp disclosed that he will next month be dropping two hit songs – “Sauti da labari and Yagode mwa.”

Its worthy of note that Jclone, a member and one of the Directors at Limitless Foundation has released two hit EPs and all the songs have gone viral. He has collaborated and shared the stage with E-Daniels, Ephraim Haruna, Okey Sokay and a host of others in and outside Nigeria.
Jclone revealed the release of his new songs while he was in a talk with IAMBESTNETWORKS on a video he posted on his WhatsApp status. Our representative told him how eager his fans wanna listen to his new songs especially “Ejekalo Kikia”and he said he hasn’t work on that one yet. He further said ” Baba I dey reason drop 2 at once sef. Next month”
….”But I dey release Sauti da labari and Yagode mwa”.
Jclone added that “I still wan make proper promo plan then I we go roll them out”.
The rapper who is also a producer stated that he is planing to do a photoshoot in regards to his two new songs – ” I am planning to do a photoshoot so we can make the announcement properly”
Read the WhatsApp conversation below…

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