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We are happy and glad to announce to you that two world class and outstanding projects are coming your way soon right on this blog and they are:
a new hot song and an amazing inspiring article.
The brand new song is a gospel rap titled Ah! Jesus Clem Jay an Abuja based sensational  rapper. This  song is a song that will turn you on and tune your mood to joy. Its a song for all both old and young to be listened to in the morning, noon and night.

Check out some of the lyrics of the song Ah! Jesus Clem Jay__
“Why I go dey lie When my God is not a liar, he made me in his image that is why you pay me homage, Why I go sell my right just because you give me porage, Check my life check my eyes you go see say na courage…

God e no dey lie oo 
God e no dey fail oo
God e no dey change ooo
My God na heavy weight ooo… “

The other new stuff is an inspiring article titled : “domestic violence on women: the Effects.” Its written Deborah Amubwo Samuel of “The Candle” and the the article is  sponsored our online magazine (I am Best Magazine). On this article we will be having a model on it and she is called “Rahab Empress Yar gata.” Its a must read article.

Check out part of the article on domestic violence on women: The Effects Deborah Amubwo Samuel…
“Some Examples of abuse include:
  • name-calling or putdowns
  • keeping a partner from contacting their family or friends
  • withholding money
  • stopping a partner from getting or keeping a job
  • actual or threatened physical harm
  • sexual assault
  • stalking
  • intimidation”
model: Rahab Emprezz Yar Gata

Just anticipate and keep your fingers crossed and we promise that your wait won’t be in vain. These projects will be released very soon  one after each.
All of these projects will be on I am Best Networks and other sites like: and many other blogs….

Thanks for always believing in us. #Godisincharge.
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