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The statement reads:

“The South Korean Customs Service on 30th September, 2018, revealed that it had seized two thousand, seven hundred and fifty-one (2,751) Chinese drugs/capsules, containing human remains from fetuses, infants and flesh imported into the country some Chinese nationals.
The manufacturers claimed that the drugs/capsules can boost stamina, cure cancer, diabetes and some other terminal diseases. The capsules were smuggled in suitcases and through international mail.  
South Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety indicated that eighteen billion, seven hundred million (18.7 billion) viruses, including hepatitis B virus, were found in the capsules. It stressed the making of the human-remain drugs and consuming them are crimes against humanity, which can also lead to serious health challenges.
Memo: Chinese Drugs Containing Human Foetuses, Hepatitis B could be in circulation
The Agency is monitoring the situation for detailed information. However, it is important for all relevant health regulatory agencies in Nigeria, especially the Federal Ministry of Health, NAFDAC, NDLEA and SON, to sensitise Nigerians of this development and warn them of the inherent dangers of patronizing drugs imported from China. The Customs Service, NIPOST and other mail delivery services, should also step up monitoring of cargoes and packages with drugs imported into Nigeria.”

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