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Federal government has disclosed that some of the countries they were hoping to help Nigeria fight the Coronavirus pandemic, are also facing their own challenges. 

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama who disclosed this at a press conference on Tuesday March 31, added that some of these countries are cooperating. 

Asides learning about how to combat COVID-19, Onyeama also told newsmen that Nigeria is in touch with those that could assist with the tools that can aid its fight against the pandemic. 

He said; 

“We are in touch with foreign countries and learning from them … we are also engaging countries on some equipment that we don’t have. 

“As you know we are very short on ventilators. So we have engaged a lot of countries and we hoping to source some.

“But of course a lot of countries we are looking unto for assistance are also facing huge challenges themselves but nevertheless are cooperating with us.

“Some countries which have been able to mange the pandemic are offering medical doctors. Such kind of support will absolutely be invaluable for us.

“We also saw some situations where some countries also helped us in facilitating airlift to bring back some Nigerian resources to come and help in this fight.”

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