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There are reports going viral that the kidnapping and also the release of the Dapchi school girls in yobe are all scam. The viral news says everything was staged. We got this report from all social media platforms. Read below:

As many Nigerians continue
to react to the Dapch girls’ kidnap drama, a certain Nigerian
Christian soldier, Sergeant David Bako from the Middle Belt,
Plateau State to be precise has revealed how the Dapchi girls
kidnap drama was plotted and executed.
He said he found it absolutely necessary to make the
confession considering the criminal killings across the country
which he likened to ethnic cleansing.
In an email sent to our newsroom here in Paris, Sergeant
David Bako said the plot was planned and rehearsed for two
weeks Buhari’s loyalists in the army of which he was one.
He said the desperation Buhari to rule Nigeria for another
four years drove him on to employ all means to make sure he
remains in power.
President Buhari, he said, will be no pushover in 2019 because
he has perfected plans to remain in the Villa beyond 2019.
Continuing the story, he said, they were given N80 million to
execute the plot to restore the peoples’ waning confidence in
the Buhari government as Boko Haram stepped up attacks
recently which was a complete embarrassment to the Buhari
government after claiming to have defeated the Islamist sect.
He said the resurgence of Boko Haram attacks and killings in
the northeast drove the government to find all means possible
to regain the peoples’ confidence seeing that 2019 election is
as good as lost.
Buhari, he said, does not want to leave the Villa under any
guise in 2019. In the email below he narrated how the plot was
planned and executed.
He wrote: ” I feel constrained to make this confession and as I
make this stunning confession, I am no longer in Nigeria
because I have to unavoidably desert the Nigerian Army to save
my life and that of my family from a possible summary
execution Buhari’s secret agents.
Barnawi faction of Boko Haram knows nothing about the
abduction of Dapchi girls. We were paid N80 million to carry out
the abduction which we planned and rehearsed for two weeks to
make it look real. 16 of us, strong Buhari’s loyalists took part in
the plot and were given N80 million and some trucks with which
to carry out the operation.
On February 19, 2017, after we had received the money, we were
told to make it a top secret and further told we would be
handsomely rewarded if the plan pays off. The plan, according
to our unit commander, is to make Nigerians regain their
confidence in the Buhari government, demobilize the PDP which
we all dislike with a passion and the Obasanjo coalition which
the Villa saw as an emerging threat if something is not urgently
Obasanjo, our commander told us will succeed in dislodging
Buhari from the Villa in 2019 if we do not contrive a means to
make Nigerians believe more in Buhari’s leadership.
The money we got was not paid into our accounts but was
brought car from Abuja totaling N80 million naira which was
shared amongst us with trucks to carry out the operation.
On that night the soldiers stationed in the neighbourhood were
deployed to other locations to enable us carry out the operation
hitch-free which we did. The Boko Haram flag you saw us
carrying was designed us and had ourselves wrapped up like
the insurgents.
There was no such thing like kidnapping the Barnawi faction
of the Boko Haram. We drove into the school compound in a
commando style, broke through the school gate while the night
guards numbering three or more ran for their dear lives as they
heard our gunshots and chanting Islamic war songs amid
‘Western education is a sin”. We drove straight into the school
dormitory and ordered the girls to get onto the trucks some of
whom slept naked because of the scorching heat. Although we
had been given warning our commander not to molest or
rough handle the girls as such action would not be tolerated
under any guise.
We were given 1 hour and 45 minutes to carry out the operation
from where we drove to the school and the operation did not
last for more than 45 minutes to get the girls on board the
trucks. So they had no time to carry any of their belongings.
We drove them to an undisclosed location which was unknown
to any of us because our unit commander led the way until we
arrived in where they all were carefully kept.
The claim that five of them lost their lives is of course not true
as we did not kill or even shoot any of them following the strict
orders and instructions that they should be treated gently, kept
safe and unharmed.
While where they were kept we were told to preach to them,
make ourselves look like terrorists to enable them to believe,
recount and narrate what they saw which would make people
believe the abduction story.
We were not allowed to go with our phones to the location
where the girls were kept, therefore we could not take
photographs of the girls and the location. Was there any
statement released on the abduction the Barnawi group? Was
there any video footage the Barnawi group like that of the
Chibok girls? That was to make it a top secret which the
government does not want to play it.
On the day we were asked to return the girls, police and our
colleagues were deployed out of the route to avoid any possible
confrontation – I mean with those who knew nothing about the
While leaving, we told them to embrace Islam and gave them
clothing because some of them were taken away naked with
wrappers they slept with when we abducted them from the
Out of the money that was shared, I got N3 million and on
second thoughts I decided to return the money to my unit
commander to keep it for me as I have no ready use for the
money. I told him I would be traveling to Jos to see my mother
who was very ill and that on return I will collect it back from him
and take it to my bank.
Unsuspicious of my motives, he collected it from me and gave
me five days to report to my duty post.
With the visa I had in my passport I had to go as far as Port
Harcourt where no one knows me and flew out of the country
while asking God forgiveness for the part I played in the whole
What actually made me repent of the evil is the plot on the
ground to carry out ethnic cleansing in Nigeria and as I write
this piece, I make bold to say here that every Nigerian
community in the southern part of the country has been
infiltrated armed militias imported from Niger, Mali, and
Chad the Buhari government to unleash terror on Nigerians if
they a twist of fate resist the ongoing ethnic cleansing.
My colleagues have often boasted that the Quran, according to
the late Sardauna, must be read in the sea and that is what this
government is doing. The Dapchi girls purported abduction is to
make Nigerians believe the Buhari government is working and it
would, therefore, make no sense to vote him out.
The remaining four years is to make him execute the hidden
agenda to carry out ethnic cleansing. The plot on the ground is
to have every dissenting voice executed that would be a threat to
the successful execution of the agenda. That is the reason why
they first came up with the cattle colonies which the southern
leaders rejected.
As I write this piece, my heart bleeds for Nigeria and I regret the
part I played in the abduction of the Dapchi girls to further
swindle Nigerians into believing Buhari is the best person to lead
the country in the coming years. Please Nigerians, I beg for
forgiveness and ask you to help me with prayers to God for
forgiveness in the role I played. Share this story and let it go
round to save Nigerians the grave danger of allowing President
Buhari to continue beyond 2018 in the Villa. I will return to
Nigeria when Buhari leaves power, God willing.”

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