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We live in a world where people are obsessed with success. Things we say and do are quickly scrutinized. People love to put labels and are the first ones to point out the moment you commit a mistake — intentionally or unintentionally.
It is intriguing how making mistakes and failing is ridiculed and put to justice. People forget that success comes from doing things and things often go wrong when you’re doing them for the first time.
In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with making mistakes and failing. But I’ll tell you why people get so defensive when it comes to their mistakes or something they’ve faltered at:
-Fear of embarrassment.
-Fear of being considered less competent.
-Fear of being mocked at.
What’s important is to be brave enough to make mistakes, own them, rectify them, and learn your lesson out of them.
If you are someone who isn’t afraid of making mistakes, below are some pointers that might motivate you to keep trying and level up as an individual.
– Mistakes make you more knowledgeable.
.- Mistakes make you braver.
– Mistakes help you discover your style.
-Mistakes teach you to live a life without any regrets.
– Mistakes help you grow and evolve.
Instead of feeling embarrassed for your mistakes, it’s time to celebrate and learn from them. Anyone who has become great or successful, owe their success to their mistakes. 
Here is my favourite quote that has kept me:
“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honourable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.”
George Bernard Shaw wrote;
It’s time to change our perspective and celebrate our mistakes than run away from them.

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