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Dorcas Monshi Akawu a Make- up artist born on this day 25th October 1990 is plus one. Her long time fiancée Titus Joshua Dauda in joyful celebration with her has this message for her and he decided to make it public. The message reads below:

“To the woman who occupies the integral part of my heart, on this which is your special day, I pray that whatever you have desired shall come to fulfillment.  You shall soar high and attain great heights. Favour and blessings shall not cease to show-face itself on you. Enjoy your day my angel and pride. Love you so dearly my dear, from your boo!”

Dorcas Monshi Akawu despite she is a student has great interest in Make-up and she desire to build that up as a career.
Happy Birthday to her!!!

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