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The media platforms especially social media were agog with news materials on the appointment of Dr. Aisha Shehu Adamu as new Chief Medical Director of the Federal Medical Center Jalingo. Friends, relatives and well wishers posted several posts eulogising the only female medical consultant in Taraba State and congratulating her on what they described as “well deserved appointment” as first female CMD of the center.

Before the official pronouncement of Aisha’s appointment Femi Adesina,  Special Adviser to the President (Media and Publicity) on Thursday Evening, some elders of the southern zone of Taraba State challenged her appointment the presidency as published in the Punch newspaper of 1st April, 2020. The petitioners were questioning the rationale behind her appointment instead of the Acting CMD of the center, Dr. Dangana Iliya Atta who scored highest points during an interview conducted a panel from the Federal ministry of health.

A score sheet attached to the petition indicated that the top four contestants, Dr Nkami Danjuma scored 33.04 per cent; Dr Rimande Ubandoma 52.88 per cent; Dr. Aisha Adamu 67.54 per cent and Dr. Dangana Attah 83.27 per cent

The petitioners also alleged that Adamu’s appointment violated the Federal Character principle, stressing that the position should be rotated between the three Senatorial zones of Taraba State.

In the same vein,  Jeerywright Ukwu – senior content writer with, an online news platform, wrote that the petitioners explained that all federal appointments in Taraba State except one have gone to Fulani. They also alleged that the southern zone of the state has been marginalized and subjected to injustice with the recent federal appointments in the state.

However, the petitioners affirmed that both Dr. Aisha Adamu and Dr. Atta Dangana were qualified for the position and their names were send to presidency via federal ministry of health for final consideration and approval President Muhammad Buhari.

Apparently, the petition did not in any way hindered the appointment of Dr. Aisha Adamu as the substantive Chief Medical Director of the Federal Medical Center Jalingo for so many reasons;

Firstly, Dr. Atta Dangana was not qualified to be even the acting CMD of the Federal Medical Center Jalingo as the circular notifying the expiration of the tenure of the immediate past CMD Dr. Inusa Wiza directed that the most senior consultant in the center to take over as the acting CMD. Dr. Nwanoyi is the most senior consultant in FMC Jalingo but the former CMD connived with the former director hospital services in the ministry of health Dr. Amedu and installed Atta to pave the way to his elevation as Chief Medical Director for their selfish interest.

Dr. Atta’s rain as CMD is characterised with series of irregularities ranging from nepotism, corruption, sentiment among others. Currently, cleaners at center are on strike due to his inability to provide money for the payment of their stipends. He directed the stoppage of the salaries of about fifty staff with the intention of filling their positions with his kinsmen (Kuteb extraction) when he became a substantive CMD. Contracts for the purchase and supply of hospital equipment and drugs were awarded without following due process. Despite the huge amount of money withdrawn from the coffers of the center, the hospital is in bad shape as it lacks consumable and non consumable items. Approval are only giving to those who want to further their education based on their closeness with him.

Secondly, on the purported claim of scoring highest points during the interview (83.27%), it may interest people to know that there was confirmed allegations gathered reliably that Dr. Atta Dangana received questions from a member of the panel that helped him to take a lead. Sources inside the panel confirmed that former director hospital services in the Federal ministry of health Dr. Amedu orchestrated the dubious act with a sole aim of making Dr. Dangana to occupy the seat.

However, despite the malpractice, board members of the center told the staff in a gathering at specialist clinic of FMC (a day after the interview) that both Dr. Dangana and Dr. Aisha had qualified to become CMD. Obesy Sam of Association of Medical Lab Scientists who spoke on behalf of the board members appealed  to them to support and cooperate with anyone appointed government emphasising that Taraba State is battling with serious problem as a result of sentiments.

Thirdly, It is the prerogative right of Mr. Present to appoint who so ever he deem it fit to occupy the position. The ministry of health is only an advisory body which has the mandate of selecting nominees for the post for president’s approval. This is applicable to other positions like Vice Chancellorship of the university where Senate of the universities endorse three candidates for president to appoint one of them.

There are many aspects to consider the President for his final approval.These aspects may include experience, seniority, human relations, management of resources among others but not restricted to only points gained during interviews.

Fourthly, alleged violation of the Federal Character Principles. The allegation was baseless considering the fact that the petitioners used it to suit their selfish interest. The petitioners should fight for the central zone which has a candidate from Kurmi Local Government Area but did not produce CMD since the establishment of the center.

Also, it was laughable the claim of the petitioners that the new CMD is a Fulani. She is a Wurkun married Jukun-Kona.

Fifthly, Dr. Aisha Shehu Adamu is a qualified candidate for the position. Apart from being a senior to Dr. Dangana, she served the center on different capacities which include handling the issue of Lassa fever, ART focal person of Federal Medical Center Jalingo, head of Anti-Corruption Unit ACTU of ICPC in FMC Jalingo among others. She is a Consultant Physician Gastroenterologist/Hepatologist. She hails from Karin-Lamido Local Government Area of Taraba State, and graduated from the University of Maiduguri in 1995.  She completed her Residency in 2008, and received Fellowship of the National Postgraduate Medical College. She fulfilled all the conditions or cretaria needed for the position which include: ten years after graduation from University and ten years after graduation as consultant.

An influencial medical practitioner, entrepreneur and innovator who is contributing immensely to the development and the growth of her community through youth empowerment and rendering assistance to the vulnerable persons in society especially on health care services that was the generic of her audacity to establish Daanys Wellness Clinic Jalingo.

She has zero tolerance of trivialities of all sort and she is equally detached herself to chauvinism of all kinds. She is a dogged and focus medical expert.  Her entry into murky of Waters of Nigerian health sector has established her credentials as a great medical consultant. One must not challenge the humble attitude of the new Chief Medical Director, Dr. Aisha Shehu Adamu, her relationship with people and agility on how she respond to people’s needs couple with her usual presence in their activities.

Dr. Aisha can be rigid and hard when it comes to being disrespectful to her personality or that of her people, she is not a fearful  type who can be too submissive to any egotistical leader that desires to use her in executing issues that are detrimental to the people well-being. She always stand firmly her words and ideologies which made her and her supporters to become victims of victimization and intimidation in Federal Medical Center Jalingo.

Many observers believe that her appointment will change the narration at the Center as she will use her well of experience in initiating policies and programmes that will restore the past glory of the center. As the former head of Anti Corruption Unit of the center, she will instill financial discipline and also correct administrative anomalies in the installation. Staff welfare, good working condition, provision of machines and equipment as well as conducive environment for patients and their relatives will be giving maximum priority.

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