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It has been reported that a serving justice of the Supreme Court, Justice Sylvester Ugwuta hose was invaded and ransacked the DSS 
recently, he wrote to the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Mahmud
Mohammed, accusing the agency of ‘planting huge sums of money in
different currencies’ in his house.

The letter he wrote   dated 18th
October, 2016 and it was titled ‘invasion of my house in the night, planting
of huge sums of money in different currencies, purported recovery of the
money, carting away of my documents and other valuable items and my
subsequent abduction masked operatives of the DSS between Friday,
October 7th and Saturday, October 8th, 2016’. These are some of the things he pointed out…

 ‘-I was speechless
when I saw them bringing out huge bundles of different currencies from
the bags that had contained only magazine papers and old clothes and
some were empty. Some were contained in multi-coloured plastic bags
which they tore and discarded. They put the money in different bags and
brief cases and then proceeded to count a large amount of N5, N10, N20
and N50 notes which was the change I returned each time I went to shop
over the years. They kept waking me up to ask how I came about the small
denomination of naira notes. No one asked me any question about the
huge sums of money they put in the bags’.

only bag that contained money was the small bag I locked with a padlock
which I unlocked when ordered to do so. The bag contained the sum of
$25,000, £10 = = and a brown envelope containing the sum of N710,000
which was a monthly allowance paid to me for September 2016. In the
brief case, which I carry to my office daily, I had the sum of N300,000
and some loose change. The above are the only sums of money taken from
me along with my phones, papers and other household items. I do not know
how they came about the huge sums of money I saw for the first time in
my parlour on the early hours of Saturday, 8th October, 2016. The
various sums of money alleged to have been recovered from me were said
to be in the social media in the early hours of Saturday, 8th October,
2016 when the invaders were yet to complete their search’.

source: Daily trust

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