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The Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS, and its health Institution, West Africa Health Organization (WAHO) have refuted their alleged endorsement of Madagascar’s herbal cure for Coronavirus.

In a press release, the ECOWAS Commission and its health Institution denied claims that they had “ordered a package of COVID Organics (CVO) medicine from a third country.”

The statement read:“Our attention has been drawn to a story making the headlines that claims ECOWAS has ordered a package of Covid Organics (CVO) medicine from a third country. 

“We wish to dissociate ECOWAS and its health Institution, West Africa Health Organization (WAHO), from this claim and to inform the general public that we have not ordered the said CVO medication.” 

“As part of its mandate to safeguard and improve the health of the region’s population, WAHO remains committed to promoting rational traditional medicine practices and products in the ECOWAS region, and over the years has worked consistently with the Member States to scientifically investigate plant medicines of proven efficacy. These products are documented in our ECOWAS Pharmacopoeia of Traditional Medicines, the second edition of which will be published in the next few weeks. WAHO has also in the recent past identified, nurtured and supported centers of excellence in traditional medicine across the ECOWAS region.” ECOWAS-CEDEAO@ecowas_cedeao

#COVID-19: ECOWAS Commission and WAHO Refute Endorsement on CVO… …

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