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Just yesterday,
an Air Peace Flight was prevented from landing at the Akure Airport in
Ondo state after cows majestically walked into the runway. FAAN has released a
statement apologizing for the incident. Read the statement below…

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria wishes to apologize to Air
Peace Airlines and our esteemed passengers for a runway incursion
incident that prevented an Akure airport bound flight from landing for
some minutes.

The Air Peace flight, which left Lagos for Akure could not land
immediately as some cows had strayed into the runway of the airport.

However, normalcy was restored quickly, as officers of the aviation
security department quickly dispersed the cows from the runway and the
aircraft was cleared for landing.

The Authority will like to assure travellers and the general public
that efforts are already ongoing to close the gap that aided this

FAAN….. Committed to our core values of safety, security and comfort.

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