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I am best networks was able to get a press statement from Fani Kayode’s aid about his arrest…

“We made known our fears that
Fani-Kayode’s life was in dire danger as long as he remained in EFCC custody or
in the custody of any agency of the federal government based on discreet
information available to us. This is apart from the fact that his health has
been badly affected since his incarceration for a whopping 67 days based on
some questionable ‘detention orders’. This fact is well known to the EFCC as
Fani-Kayode’s lawyers have written several letters to the Commission reminding
them of the health conditions of the former minister of aviation (Kindly see
It is therefore shocking that
having known these facts, the EFCC still acted in a most unprofessional and
crude way re-arresting a man who has never been known to turn down their
invitation even for once, who was since granted administrative bail the same
Commission after meeting the stringent conditions set them; a man who is
also supposed to be on bail as granted the courts after fulfilling the
conditions, and who even has his international passport still lodged with the
Although Chief Femi Fani-Kayode
was yet to complete the recovery therapy he was undergoing after spending the
initial 67 grueling days in EFCC custody wherein he was also physically
attacked one of the Commission’s agents, in deference to the law and the
Commission, he painfully but willingly cut short his therapy and medical checks
to attend court proceedings.
One would have thought that these
were enough to convince EFCC that Fani-Kayode was very willing to face his
persecutors in court. But rather than be humane in their conduct, EFCC hounded
him for the umpteenth time on that fateful Friday and have since kept him in
It is therefore little wonder
that based on the history of his medical conditions which the Commission is
very much aware of, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode slumped while in detention on
Saturday, 22nd of October, 2016. 
But for the quick and
professional intervention of the medical team in the EFCC medical facilities,
the story could have been different, it could have been fatal!
We must commend the medical staff
at the Commission’s medical facility. They were prompt in their response, and
very impressive in their care. It is very heartwarming to know that some
professionals have not allowed the political witch hunt and persecution of
political opponents and perceived enemies taint their professional calling. We
hope this extends to all facets of the Nigerian society.
Nigerians would recall that we
had earlier raised the alarm about the danger in which Fani-Kayode’s life is
right now; we are shocked that that danger rather than ebb away is becoming a
reality slowly but steadily. If not, why re-arrest and keep him in detention
when he has not failed to appear before the Commission or even before the
courts at any time, neither has he ever been declared wanted?
The fresh charges for which he
was said to have been re-arrested were presented to him over the weekend and
they border on an alleged N26m which he was accused to have collected from the
erstwhile NSA, Sambo Dasuki, and he has since signed for the charges while he
waits for his day in court. So, why still detain him if there is no sinister
motive behind it all? 
From the foregoing, it is obvious
that this issue about corruption is nothing but an already exposed façade for
the silencing of opposition voices, and keep Fani-Kayode out of circulation as long
as practicable since he is seen many as one of the strongest voices against
tyranny, oppression and executive lawlessness.
For the avoidance of doubt, we
reiterate our earlier warning that nothing untoward must happen to Chief Femi
Fani-Kayode whether now or in the nearest future. Should anything happen to
him, we can assure those responsible that there would be reactions of
unimaginable propensity.
It is not all sacrifices that the
gods accept. There are some sacrifices that even oracles reject for fear of
untamable repercussions!


 Jude Ndukwe

SA (media) to Chief Femi Fani-Kayode
24th October, 2016

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